The federal bureaucracy has ballooned under the Trudeau government. Preston Manning tells us how we can rein it in

In this episode of Leaders on the Frontier, host David Leis dives into a critical discussion with the Honourable Preston Manning about the Trudeau government’s significant expansion of the federal bureaucracy and the urgent need for a newly elected government to rein it in.

The discussion also covers several other key points, including:

  1. Merit-Based Hiring: Emphasis is placed on the importance of hiring based on merit rather than other criteria like diversity quotas, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the civil service.
  2. Privatization and Efficiency: Manning suggests that some government functions could be better handled by the private sector to reduce costs and improve service delivery.
  3. Provincial Jurisdiction: The federal government’s encroachment into areas traditionally managed by provincial governments is also discussed, with Manning advocating for respecting constitutional jurisdictions to streamline government functions.
  4. Public Support and Communication: Manning stresses the importance of building public support for reducing the size of the government and managing public expectations through transparent communication.
  5. Rule of Law and Transparency: The conversation also touches on the need for greater transparency and adherence to the rule of law, including implementing sunset clauses on government programs and documents.
  6. Challenges of Political Culture: The issue of an elite political class that is detached from the realities faced by ordinary citizens is highlighted as a significant challenge in governance.

Throughout the episode, Manning emphasized the need for strategic planning and readiness to tackle these issues effectively, advocating for a balanced approach that combines internal and external expertise. The conversation concluded with practical suggestions for citizens to engage with political candidates and demand accountability on issues related to government size and efficiency.

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Our Guest

Preston Manning is a prominent Canadian politician known for his influential role in shaping conservative politics in Canada. He served as a Member of Parliament from 1993 to 2001 and was the leader of the Reform Party of Canada, which he founded. Manning was also the Leader of the Official Opposition from 1997 to 2000. He has been a vocal advocate for government reform, fiscal responsibility, and reducing the size of the federal bureaucracy through initiatives like merit-based hiring and privatization. His contributions have left a lasting impact on the political landscape of Canada.

Our Host

David Leis is VP for Development and Engagement with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. David was most recently Director of Communications and Donor Relations at MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Canada. He has extensive experience in leading fundraising and development within higher education (Canadian Mennonite University and Red River College), the non-profit sector, and the business world (MNP, Brock Solutions, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce). He also has experience in the realm of municipal politics, having served as a councillor (Region of Waterloo) and mayor (Township of Woolwich).

David has a BA from the University of Waterloo, a Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University, and a certificate in development from Ryerson University.

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